Assalamu alaikum Brothers & Sisters

Eid ul Adha Prayer at UQ Is Cancelled This Year

As with most Mosques in Brisbane who cancelled the Eid Prayer due to return of Coronavirus to Qld, we at UQ cannot do the Eid ul Adha Prayer this year either (neither on Friday nor on Saturday). This is from two situations:

1. Due to recent changes to Qld Government regulations to do with large (outdoor) gatherings, UQ decided to not allow any large gathering at UQ until it can adapt its Covid Safe plans and confirm with the Government body. As a result, the Uni also cancelled its own Market Day this year. And we also cannot hold Eid Prayer gathering this Eid ul Adha.

2. You would have heard in yesterday’s news a major event of two people who inadvertently brought Coronavirus back into Queensland from Victoria via NSW. A third person who came in contact with them is confirmed with Covid-19 so far and the extent of its spread is now being determined by the Government and Police. Due to this real and serious danger which is still being investigated by authorities, we cannot hold the Eid Prayer at UQ, inside or outside.

Still Do Lot of Good Deeds

Allah has decreed these two very recent and serious developments.  Whatever Allah decrees is from His wisdom.  You can still do many good deeds in the remaining 10 Days of DhulHijjah so please take the opportunity to do those good deeds, especially to fast the 9th of DhulHijjah (Arafah) fast …

Friday Prayer Tomorrow

Depending on further updates from Qld government & Uni about the latest Covid-19 spread, we may or may not be able to hold Friday Prayer tomorrow at UQ, for this one week. For now, we will work on the assumption that Friday Prayer will still continue as with last week. The link to register has been sent in the last email

May Allah keep us all safe and with Taqwa.


UQ Muslim Chaplain,
The Assistant to the Chaplain
& UQ Muslim Chaplain Volunteer Team