Your Generosity Helps The Students

All your donations are used to provide services, facilities and activities for the benefit of the Muslim students, staff and UQ community. Annual audits are carried out to ensure integrity and transparency.

Summarised below are ways your donations are used:-

  • Daily Iftar breakfast meals during Ramadaan, including:
  • Buying food for students who are breaking their fast (whenever an iftar is possible),
  • Reasonable expenses incurred to organise the daily iftar at UQ – cutlery, storage, transport, etc.,
  • For reasonable expenses incurred in organising the two Eid prayers at UQ,
  • Helping cover any storage expenses,
  • Islamic information and Da’wah stall expenses such as printing, food, drinks, and expenses that are reasonable to run the Da’wah stalls in a professional manner,
  • Auditing, general accounting, and ASIC company expenses that are necessary to ensure integrity and transparency of our operations.