Assalamualaikum Brothers and Sisters,

Yesterday, the Government made an announcement with further restrictions to stop the exponential spread of the Coronavirus pandemic that we are facing presently. The PM announced that the Government, in consultation with authorities, has decided to shut numerous places, including all places of worship from midday today. This includes the Prayer Room at the University.

In fact, following the government announcement, the University has also announced that the MFC Prayer Room will be CLOSED from Monday.

Therefore, please do not all ask the University to open the Prayer Room given the above and please do not pray in the Prayer Room due to the health severity of this matter and due to the strictness of this matter with the authorities. Instead, please pray at home, and if not at home, then please pray individually (and not in congregation) wherever else you are, such as a suitable place in your office or another room.

Please remember, Dear Brothers and Sisters, our actions impact the future welfare of others and their prayers and worship. Thus, if you do not stop using the University Prayer Room for any other reason, at least for this reason stop praying in the MFC.  Please abide by the Government restrictions to keep places of worship closed for the time being and instead let us all please offer the five times daily prayers at home, or elsewhere individually, such as office or another room that is appropriate.

May Allah keep us safe, find us suitable places for worship always, and get us through these difficult times with Iman, good deeds and safe health.


Sheikh Aslam Hussain
UQ Muslim Chaplain/Imam
Ismail Mohamed
Assistant to Muslim Chaplain