Assalamualaikum Dear Brothers and Sisters

Friday Prayers Start This Friday InshaAllah

Alhamdulillah, the Friday Prayers will start from this Friday 24th July 2020.

Few Important Things For You To Do As Required by Uni Per QLD Government Guidelines

  1. Pre-register at the link below
  2. Read details on the registration page of what to do at Prayer Venue
  3. Come early so you can do all requirements
  4. Please bring your own prayer mat and it is essential everyone prays on their own mat.
  5. At this stage, toilet and Wudu area will be CLOSED for COVID health and safety, please do wudu elsewhere then come to Prayer Room, thanks.

Times for Friday Prayers at UQ

There will be three Friday Prayers, each khutbah and prayer will finish in 15 minutes inshaAllah, and please book which prayer you will attend, booking is essential, thanks.

First Khutbah & Prayer: 12:30pm to 12:45pm
Second Khutbah & Prayer: 1pm to 1:15pm
Third Khutbah & Prayer: 1:30pm to 1:45pm

Link to Pre-Book for Your Friday Prayer Spot

Please enter your name, phone number and email address at this link and it is essential, thanks:-
URL Link:

Please visit

Daily Prayers & Eidul Adha Prayer at UQ

The University still has a few extra measures to ready for the daily prayers. Still, the University has confirmed to us that we should be able to start using the Prayer Room for daily prayers starting from Zuhr prayer next Monday 27th July 2020. Also, we are organising Eidul Adha Prayer at UQ as usual and we will email you more information about that in the next few days on this email list.

For Future Emails & Acknowledgements

We sincerely thank the University Staff for the extra time and effort they put to get the COVID Safe Plan and safety done so quickly and we thanks equally the whole Muslim Chaplain Volunteer Team at UQ for the same, jazakumullahukhair. If anyone else wants to volunteer to organise these prayers, please place your name at the website. Please forward this email to other UQ students and staff who want to join the Friday Prayer, and please ask them to join this email list at Muslim Chaplain website to receive ongoing updates about these matters.

Sheikh Aslam Hussain (Muslim Chaplain/Imam at UQ)
Br Ismail Mohamed (Assistant to Muslim Chaplain)
& UQ Muslim Chaplain Volunteer Team