Assalamualaikum Dear UQ Muslim Students & Staff

Next week from Thursday 18th February to Sunday 21 February 2021, construction work will occur in the back half of the MFC Prayer Hall. This will not affect our daily prayer space inshallah. But this will affect our Friday Prayer of 19th Feb 2021. Presently, the Uni is searching for a suitable Friday Prayer Venue at UQ for Friday 19th February. Once they find something, they will let us know asap inshallah.

For now, dear Muslim students & staff at UQ, please be aware of the above and be prepared for a different venue for Friday Prayer of 19/02/2021.

Kind regards,
Sheikh Aslam Hussain (Muslim Chaplain at UQ),
Ismail Mohamed (Assistant to Chaplain)
& Muslim Chaplain’s Volunteer Team