Assalamualaykum Warahmatullah Brothers and Sisters,

Ramadan Iftar at UQ Announcement:

This Ramadan, starting today, we will be giving Iftar food each day inshaAllah. Due to Covid restrictions, we cannot sit in the Prayer Room and eat. So, we will distribute the Iftar food packed in a lunch box. Each day we will have 50 lunch boxes of food inshaAllah. Distribution will start 15 minutes before Iftar each day. Please come to the grassy area next to the Prayer Room that is between the Prayer Room and the Sports Centre. Please do not eat in the Prayer Room and it is best if you take the food away from the Prayer Room and NOT congregate in one area next to the Prayer Room due to the current Covid requirements.

Important Note: Food will be distributed at first come first serve basis. There will be 50 lunch boxes of food daily. 
Summary Outline:
Fifty (50) Iftar Lunch Boxes Distributed Each Day
Time: 15 minutes before Iftar time
Location: Grassy area between Prayer Rm & UQ Sports Centre
Registration: Not required. First come first serve basis.
Note: Please do not eat inside the prayer room and do not congregate next to the prayer room.

UQ Muslim Chaplain/Imam
Muslim Chaplain’s Volunteers Team