As expected, the very young moon has not been sighted anywhere in Australia as announced by Sh Shabbir at Therefore, the main Eid Prayer at UQ will be on 3rd May 2022 (Tuesday). Please find below details for the Eid Prayer

Main Eid Prayer 3rd May 2022

Date: 3rd May 2022
Venue: Level 4, P3 Multilevel Car Park, (ie Building 98B),
Sir Fred Schonell Drive, St Lucia.
Prayer aims to start at 7:15am
Please MUST bring your own prayer mat

Extra requirements by University for attending

  • Ensure that you have download the QLD Check-in App.
    • Google Play Store – QLD Check-in App
    • Apple store – QLD Check-in App
  • Please ensure that you are fully vaccinated in order to attend Prayer at UQ.
  • Please bring your own prayer mat to the venue

Please note: Alternative Eid Prayer (Monday 2 May)

For our brothers and sisters that are following the numerous other methods and doing Eid on Monday, we encourage them to do the Eid Prayer at Mosques nearest to UQ (West End Mosque or Lutwyche Mosque) because Monday is a Uni holiday with no classes so please do prayer in unity at a nearest Mosque. And if you could not go to other nearby Masjids, we will hold a small Eid Prayer also for for those doing Eid on Monday at MFC prayer room on Monday at 7:30am sharp. Please make sure you bring your own prayer mat.


On Behalf of Muslim Chaplain at UQ

& the Chaplain’s Volunteer Team