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Muslim Chaplain @ UQ

The Muslim Chaplain / Imam is an official visiting staff of UQ and is appointed by the University for religious needs of Muslim students at the University. The Muslim Chaplain, and the Chaplain’s Team of Volunteers, organise and take care of Prayer Room and Worship needs of Muslim students at the Campus.

Some of the main roles of the Muslim Chaplain / Imam and the Chaplain’s Team of Volunteers are the following:

  • To maintain the Prayer Room areas provided at the UQ Multifaith Centre
  • The Friday Prayer (Jumu’ah) at UQ
  • Ramadan Taraweeh prayers and the Iftars
  • To be available for religious advice (“pastoral care”) for Muslim students at the Campus
  • To write letters, on behalf of UQ Muslim students’ religious needs, to UQ Examinations or others when an exam may clash with Friday Prayer or Ramadan obligations.

Muslim Chaplain at UQ

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February 18th, 2021|0 Comments

Assalaamu alaikum everyone, Due to construction works in Building 38, the new venue for Jumu'ah tomorrow is:   INNES ROOM BUILDING 21C LEVEL 4 UQ UNION COMPLEX   Directions: https://maps.uq.edu.au/?campusId=406&starttype=point&start=153.01521536889365%2C-27.49611020341218&desttype=poi&dest=1000253791

Different Friday Prayer Venue for 19/2/2021

February 17th, 2021|0 Comments

Assalamualaikum Dear UQ Muslim Students & Staff Next week from Thursday 18th February to Sunday 21 February 2021, construction work will occur in the back half of the MFC Prayer Hall. This will not affect

Prayer room – Face masks mandatory

January 12th, 2021|0 Comments

Assalaamu alaikum everyone, Alhamdulillah, the prayer room is open again for daily prayers. According to the QLD Government regulations, face masks must be worn while inside the building. Please remember to follow all COVID regulations


Prayer Room & Facilities

Prayer rooms are opened but with strict adherence to govt policy on social distancing.